What is crystalbit

There is a faucet on Telegram and at the same time I have a token focused on trading, the Token is distributed on 12 dex, we are a revolutionary coin with trading starting at a low price and distribution around 90% networks, the token is trying to target the free market, in the future we plan to assign features to the token for better stability of the token and at the same time create a possibility for users to see something small, we use a third-party platform for maximum decentralization

Basic information on token

Name = Crystalbit
Symbol = Cbit
Total = 31,500,000
Decimal = 18
Token = Bep-20(BNB)


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Token appearance:

Where is liquidity token Crystalbit (cbit) BEP-20

Wallet support Crystalbit (cbit) BEP-20